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Property Management

We specialize in providing customised solution to every client we serve for every landlord and every property. We manage the properties across a comprehensive range of services. This enables hassle free management of the property leaving the landlord stress free. We are only involved till the extent you want us to be. 

We handle the entire marketing strategy of your property. From photography to listing to market interest generation. We have a smooth rent collection model and handle any unlikely events that may occur. We will continue to be a point of contact to provide ease in communication.

Any repairs that have to be undertaken by competitive and professional contractors will be taken care of by us. All inventory checks at the time of move in and move out will be done by us and ensure smooth settle in process.

We also ensure market information and transfer of relevant news/ laws to keep you abreast of competitors at the same time ensuring proper legislation.

We also ensure health and safety with proper round-the-clock assistance and services.